Candy Buffet Services

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Candy Buffets are great for Sweet 16, Weddings, Mitzvahs, Album Release Parties, Children’s Parties, Engagement Parties, or any type of function to add a spark to your event.

Prices have increased 4/1/12 for the Full Service Buffet’s
*Packages start at $5.95 per person, with a $300 minimum*

We have over 50+ candy choices from Jelly Bellys, M&Ms, Gumballs, Kosher Candy, Sugar Free Candy and many more!
Email us to request our Candy Packages.
Add cookies, cupcakes and macaroons for a tasty treat!

(Refundable $100 insurance deposit required)

Fly Away Swan Rental ($99-$200) + tax & delivery
At $99.00 you can rent the candy jars which includes 5-14 jars with scoops and tongs.
At $150.00 for 15-35 Jars with scoops and tongs.
You provide the candy, decorations, linen, and table.

Most popular rental option
Candy Buffet in a box
$200.00 + tax & delivery
You rent the candy jars, scoops, tongs which would include two (2) basic white table linens, and one (1) five or six foot table and we design the candy on-site in the appropriate jars based on the candy you purchase.
The candy & decorations are purchased separately by you.
Add a ribbon upgrade for $35.00
(includes 3 ribbon colors for the jars and scoops and we put them on the jars and scoops for you).

We provide the candy starting at $5.95 per person
Our package includes every aspect of the Buffet

Tablescape design
All Candy will be provided
Basic White Linens (upgraded linens available)
Scoops and tongs with ribbon accents
Ribbon accents for each embellished tag and jar
Goody bags for guests to select their own variety of sweets
Card-stock tags designed for each candy type
Rental for assorted apothecary & assorted jars in various sizes
Here’s is the Sweet Scoop
We arrive 1-2 hours prior to the event for set-up and immediately after the event for tear down. At the end of the event, any leftover candy is yours to keep and everything else comes back with us.

***You must book 30 days in advance at a minimum for standard rates**
**60 days for Fully Custom Buffet Orders**
Any days below that will incur a Rush fee.
We can make anything happen for you………..

We book in advance; therefore the display is not planned or created until about two-three weeks prior to your event. It takes time to prepare your candy buffet and print out each custom candy tag for the containers and cut every ribbon accent. You can certainly express your interests about the buffet and tell us what you are looking for. We also ask you to send a piece of fabric or email us the colors of your event, so we can best match the decor.

Find out from your venue if they allow outside vendors to cater to their facility. We also need space for a six foot table, plus have a six foot table for the display. We also require a two hour minimum set up time prior to the guest’s arrival. Larger groups will require a second table. You can provide the table or rent one from us. Be sure to notify in advance of this requirement.

Once your date is confirmed, you will need to pay your non-refundable booking retainer fee, which is one-half of your total balance in order to secure and confirm your date. Your remaining balance must be paid 14 calendar days prior to your event set up.

Get Nostalgic with your buffet: (pricing based on quantity needed)
Halvah Products, Wonka Nerds, Giant Sugar Daddy’s, Whirly Pops, Unicorn Pops, Smartie Pops, JawBreaker Pops, Pez Candy, Chocolate Band-Aids, Candy Necklace, Imported Cadbury Bars, Hippa Bars, Happy Hippo Bars, Galaxy Bars, Valomilk & Bounty Bars, Million Dollar Bars, Hazelnut Kit-Kats, Leon’s, Tea Bon-Bons, Pop Bar’s, and Godiva Pearls.

Other Candies Choices:
Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks (Various Colors), Candy Buttons, Bubble Gum Cigars, Necco Wafers, Turkish Taffy, Chuckles, Tootsie Roll Bars , Heath Bars, Clark Bars, Oh Henry Bars, Mallo Cups, Look Bars, Taffy Bars, Baby Ruth, 100 Grand, Sky Bars, Rocky Road Bars, Twix, U-No Bars, Broadway Licorice, Licorice Pipes, Panda Licorice Bars, and Carnival Barrel Pops.
Extras for your Candy Buffet: (ask for further details and pricing)
Your candy buffet can be further personalized with numerous extras – from Candy or Caramel apples, large letters for your guest of honors initials, to adding movie-theater sized boxes of candy and cupcakes. We will work with you to help find the extras to insure your candy buffet is a big hit!

Custom Candy Bags ($3.00 per bag):
The custom candy bags are a hit! The clear bag would include traditional multi-color candy filled with candy, ribbon accents with drawstring or twist tie, and custom sticker on each bag. A variety of candy will be offered for you to select from. This option is a great way to reduce your cost, while still offering yours guests something sweet.

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