Wedding Food Tips: Menu, Drink and Dessert Ideas

Stick to what’s local and fresh.“For island events, beef won’t be as good as seafood,” advises Tiffany Lanier of SunHorse Weddings in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. “Try the local specialties, and incorporate desserts using fresh local fruits.”

Offer food and drink stations. “Martini bars are extremely seductive,” says JoAnn Gregoli of Elegant Occasions in New York City, who recommends including flavors like green apple, chocolate, tiramisu and creamsicle. At another wedding, she arranged a creme brulee station complete with torches that made guests literally feel the heat.

Spotlight food aromas. “Food stations placed in different areas of the reception space add great smells to the room,” says Susan Southerland of Just Marry! in Orlando, Florida.

Serve finger foods. “I like having a basic collection of finger foods, like olives, cheeses and artisan bread, already on the tables when guests sit down to dinner so they have something to pick and pull at while they’re waiting for everyone else to get seated,” says San Francisco planner Alison Hotchkiss. “Anything you can break off or grab at makes for a fun interaction.”

Combine textures and flavors. “Mix things that are sweet with things that are savory, and crunchy items with creamy ones,” suggests Southerland.

Make food interactive. “Fondue can be very romantic,” says Los Angeles-based planner Beth Helmstetter.

Emulate a five-star restaurant. “My favorite type of meal is a wine and multicourse food pairing,” says Gregoli.

Make a sweet gesture. “I love having the bride create a specialty drink for the groom and the groom create a drink for the bride,” says Gregoli.

Reflect your settings. “At a chilly fall wedding, we had the idea to serve spiked hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows in Mason jars with graham-cracker rims,” remembers Hotchkiss. “So yummy and dangerous!” For a summertime event in Italy, Linda Pittelli of Eventful Designing in Los Angeles suggests fresh white-peach bellinis.

Serve an after-dinner cocktail. “Ports, cordials or even classic scotch on the rocks can add a bit of passion to the night,” says Helmstetter.

Keep guests guessing. “One of my favorite drinks is champagne with crushed herbs or strawberry puree,” says Southerland. “It’s a surprise for the senses.”

Article Credits: Destination Weddings


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