Beach-Bride Body: 5 Tips to Get in Shape Before Your Big Day

Five years ago, Nicole Glor resolved to get in shape for her wedding in Mexico. For her, that meant becoming a licensed fitness trainer. Luckily, you don’t have to go to that extreme. But with many destination gowns featuring lighter fabrics and slimmer silhouettes, you’ll still face more pressure to be in shape than the average bride — especially if you have a tropical ceremony. To prepare, pick up her new DVD, NikkiFitness Beach Bride ($19.99 at, and follow these five tips.

1. Start off slowly, with achievable goals
Begin by walking for a half-hour five days a week; then up it to a 20-minute jog, etc. “Feel good about yourself; then move on to your next goal,” says Glor.

2. Change the way you eat
“Buy fruits, vegetables and whole-wheat pasta and bread,” she advises. “Include a lot of calcium and lean protein in your diet.”

3. Focus on the key areas Aim for triceps, inner and outer thighs, glutes and abs. “But you always want to work the opposing muscle, so that means you really have to work biceps, shoulders and back,” says Glor.

4. Multitask with cardio intervals
After establishing a consistent workout, intensify your routine by working muscles simultaneously, which saves time and strengthens your core. Break it up with cardio exercises that boost your metabolism and help you trim body fat.

5. Make it enjoyable 
Take a fitness class, and create an iPod playlist of songs that will pump you up and keep you moving. “It’s your workout, so you should have fun with it!”


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